Trip for books from the parent's house.

Tanya was on her way with John to his parent’s house to pick up some of his books for school.  Upon arrival his parent’s car wasn’t parked in the yard, so they decided to fool around.

John put his hand under Tanya’s skirt only to find no panties on her.  He started fingering her wet pussy in the car, as she started rubbing his dick through his pants.  They got out of the car, and John put his finger in Tanya’s asshole as they made their way to his parent’s house from the car.

Once in side they hurried to the bedroom, with his finger still in Tanya’s asshole.  John removed his finger, and turned her around and got on his knees as he licked on her wet pussy. 

John put Tanya face down on the bed, and bends her ass over the edge of the bed so he could lick on her waiting asshole.  

While he was licking on her ass, he removed a box of sex toys from under the bed.  In it were vibrators, dildos, and butt plug, along with some lubricant.  John removed his finger from her ass, and put some lubricant on the butt plug and put it in her ass. 

Tanya moaned loudly as John put the butt plug in her asshole.  She loved it when someone played with her asshole.  She never could come just by regular sex, but would always come when a guy does her in the ass.

It wasn’t long before John removed the butt plug, and put in a dildo with some lubricant on it. He worked the dildo in and out of Tanya’s hot little asshole.  This was to open her ass up, so he could put his dick in her.  After about 5 minutes of the dildo, she came with a loud moan.  John was worried that the neighbors might hear her as she moaned so loud.  He then removed the dildo, and put his dick at the opening to her tight little ass hole and slow pushed his dick in her.

Tanya moaned even more as John, drove his dick in and out of her asshole.  It wasn’t long before she came again as did John in her ass. Before they could go for another round of fucking her in the ass, they heard his parent’s car pull up in the driveway.

They hurried to put their cloths back on, to meet his parents as they came in the house.

Date: 2011-02-16

Ashley plays with anal beads
Ashley just loves anal sex, and can’t seem to get enough of it.   She has tons of toys 4 play, including butt plugs, dildos, and yes even anal beads.   She got them from , along with lubricant.

  Anal Beads in asshole

Today Ashley decided it was anal bead time.   She stripped off her cloths, and got out her orange anal beads.   She put a bunch of lubricant on her finger and worked it into her tight little asshole.     Then she added some lubricant to the anal beads, and slowly pushed them into her waiting asshole.


Once Ashley, had them in her tight little asshole, she used a small vibrator on her clitoris.   She moaned loudly as she played with her toys.   About the time she was ready to cum, she quickly pulled the anal beads out of her ass, forcing her to cum in one big way of orgasm.  

Date: 2011-01-19

Debbie plays with the Christmas candy

Debbie, and Paul just moved into a place, and all of her toys are still in boxes.  She is home all alone and getting horny.  The Christmas tree is up along with other Christmas decorations. 


Debbie, wished the box with her dildo and butt plug was not on the bottom of all of the moving boxes.  She was getting hornier and hornier by the minute, and was trying to come up with what she could use to play with. 


When it finally came to Debbie, as she was standing there by the Christmas tree.  She saw the candy cane.  She decides it looks kind of like a dildo, long, smooth and round.  She opened the candy cane and put it in her mouth.  She practiced giving it a blow job, just like she would do with a dildo at time, but this tasted really sweet. 


It wasn’t long before Debbie, put it first into her hot wet pussy and used it as she would a dildo.  Then she decides maybe in the ass, since she just loves things in her ass hole.



She was amazed at how easily it slid into her hot waiting asshole.  It went in better than any dildo she had.  It wasn’t long before she came, and felt so much better.


She couldn’t wait for Paul to get home so she could show him her new tricks with the candy cane.
Date: 2010-12-17

Debbie wants to make love not babies

Debbies nice ass

Debbie knows the difference between making a baby and making love.  And she has been using a vibrator in her love hole for a long time.  Today, she wants a guy in her love hole.  But she is worried that all she will find is a guy who wants to make a baby and not love.  That is why she uses the vibrator in her love hole.


Debbie went to the bar just around the corner from her house to get a drink and to hopefully score a guy.  It didn’t take long before Paul; a nice looking construction worker was buying her a drink.


They talked about all kinds of things and had a couple of more drinks, when Debbie it was time to see if the guy was open to making love and not babies.  With that Debbie, stood up and put her hand over her pussy and said, “Paul this is for making babies”, then she moved her hand from her pussy and covered her butt hole, and said, “this is for making love”. 


Debbie told Paul, she wanted to go back to her place and make love and not babies, and wanted to know if he wanted the same thing.  To her surprise, Paul was I would love to go back to your place and make love and not babies. 


Paul paid the bar bill, and they headed for her place.  Once in Debbie’s place she stripped her cloths off, and invited Paul to do the same.  To which he stripped down as well.  She went over to the couch and bends over the side of the couch, and asked him to put his dick in her love hole. 


Paul was more than happy to do it.  He went over and first licked her tight asshole, to get it lubricated so he would be able to put his dick in here.  He also just loved the flavor the Debbie had back there. 


Paul stopped licking and put the head of his dick on her asshole. And slowly pushed his dick into Debbie.  She moaned as he slid his dick into her asshole.  And it wasn’t long before he shot his hot cum in her asshole.  When he did that, she moaned ever louder as she came as well.


Date: 2010-10-22

Jessica gets her new double headed dildo

Jessica playing


Jessica’s new double-headed dildo arrived, and just like the other boxes, she opened the box, and headed up the stairs so she could try out her new dildo.  She stripped off her cloths, and got her butt plug, the other dildo, and the bottle of lubricant.


As usual Jessica put some lubricant on her finger and slid it into her waiting tight asshole.  She then switched to the butt plug, and put that in for a couple of minutes while she rubbed her clitoris.  She then put more lubricant onto the dildo, and removed the butt plug and put the dildo against her asshole.  It also slid in her asshole.  She used it for a couple of minutes of in and out with it.


Then Jessica decided it was time for the double-headed dildo.  She put lots of lubricant on it, and more on her asshole.  Slowly Jessica put the double-headed dildo to her waiting asshole.  She took a deep breath, and slowly pushed the double-headed dildo into her asshole.  It didn’t cause any pain what so ever.  And she found that it was very pleasurable to have it in there.  She moved the double-headed dildo in and out of her asshole, and each time she would push it in just a little bit further. 


Jessica managed to take over half of the double headed dildo in her asshole.  She left in there while she used the other dildo in her wet pussy.  She felt completely filled with having 2 dildos in her.  It wasn’t long until she came from this.  And she just left the big double-headed dildo in her asshole, and she slept for an hour. 


Jessica removed the double-headed dildo from her asshole, and got cleaned up.  She knew after a few more days of playing with the double-headed dildo, she would be ready for the boyfriend to cum in her asshole.


Date: 2010-10-15

Jessica got her dildo today

As per what Alexis had said to Jessica, she had been using the butt plug while she waited for her new dildo to arrive along with more lubricant that she had ordered from WWW.XXX.TOYS4PLAY.COM.

Jessica with her new dildo

Jessica quickly opened the box and removed her new dildo and headed up stairs to the bedroom to play.  She quickly got out of her cloths, and got onto the bed.  She first got some lubricant out and put some on her tight little asshole, then some on her middle finger.  She worked in middle finger in and out of her asshole without any problem.  She then got out the small butt plug and used it in and out of her tight little asshole.  Again without any issues, leaving the butt plug in her asshole, she got the dildo out and put it in her wet waiting pussy.


Jessica played with the dildo in her pussy to get it nice and lubricated, and then removed the butt plug from her asshole, and then removed the dildo from her pussy and put the tip of the dildo against her asshole.  She took a deep breath and relaxed as she pushed on the dildo.  It slid very easily into her tight little asshole without only a slight pain that was more pleasure than pain. 


Jessica managed to get the dildo all the way into her anus, and then started pretending it was a dick moving the dildo in and out of her asshole.  It wasn’t long until she had a fantastic orgasm from this.  She decide to leave the dildo in a bit and laid on the bed and fell asleep for an hour with the dildo in her asshole. 


Once Jessica woke up she removed the dildo from her asshole, and got all cleaned up from another satisfying time playing with her asshole.


 And as Alexis had said to get a bigger item, she quickly went to the computer and ordered out a double-headed dildo to try in her ass next. 


Date: 2010-10-05